Friday, April 19, 2013

A Wet 5 for Friday

On this very wet Friday I'm linking up once for


1. Our Ants arrived yesterday!! My firsties were very excited. I on the other hand was not as excited. Especially since my anthill is missing screws. I even had an escapee today but my wonderful teammate came to the rescue! Hopefully the tape prevents anymore escapees! 

2. We have been busy working on our plants and they are actually growing!! I forgot to snap a pic as proof :-) I have been using All About Plants from the Wonderful Stephanie over at Falling into First! I love how cute it is and that it adds to my curriculum that I have.

3. Can't review the week without a pic of Stout. I swear he thinks he is a cat and can fit on the back of the couch to lookout the window and bark at the white cat.

4. Today was our Walk-a-Thon and lets just say that it was very wet. That might actually be an understatement! You might of seen my pic earlier if you follow me on instagram @erikalou16  Luckily my rain jacket kept my upper half dry wish I could say more for my bottom half!

5. Super excited that my vinyl came yesterday that I ordered from groopdealz! I have plans for it for my bachelorette party in July! We are just about to submit a very long survey to the resort and start actually planning with them. They don't start actually planning with you until three months out!
Now to clean the house for Mr. J's parents and finish progress reports! Enjoy your Friday night!!

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