Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Weekend

We had a blast this past weekend with the Seiferts. Visited the Rogue brewery, Halloween party at the EMP and Seahawks game. A huge THANK YOU to Wendy for our amazing costumes. I thought I would let the pictures do the rest of the explaining of our Amazing weekend!!

Issaquah Brew House

Neil needed some exercise

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Go Seahawks

They really love each other :)

Waiting for Justin's coffee

It was a long line

Friday, October 28, 2011

Seattle Game Week

Last week was a crazy busy week. The Cougars played in Seattle on Saturday. So the store had a busy week. Wednesday night the King County Alumni had an event at the store. Where you could shop, taste wine and cougar cheese and hangout with Butch. Plus Ryan Leaf made a surprise visit to sign his book. It was a fun crazy night. The next day Ryan Leaf was back for his book signing and Friday was super busy with everyone stocking up for the game. Saturday Justin and I headed  early to Seattle to have a meal at Pyrmid before the game. Lets just say that the game wasn't that good but I got to hangout with lovely ladies from the store :) Now to gear up for this weekend!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Hunt

Today we set out on our pumpkin hunt. It was a big party that went with us my Mom, Aunt Deb, Uncle Don, Brooklyn, Melissa and her Hubby (aka Kyle) we had to leave the injured Dad at home. He was very sad to be left alone ;-) We went to Camp Korey to hunt for our pumpkins but first we had to eat some delicious pumpkin pancakes that they were serving. We then needed to take a hay ride to become familiar with the place. Brooklyn loved this the best. We also stopped and petted some cute animals. We then went in the corn maze to find the fire pit that way we could roast our marshmallows. After the marshmallows we got "lost" and had to pull out our phones for help. It was very scary time. We finally made it out to look for our pumpkins. We all found some and then had to weigh them. They sure were heavy and the boys had to push them in the wheelbarrow for us. Before we could leave Melissa and I need to wash a boot in the boot wash. I'm starting think that it was just a huge muddle puddle but it worked. We had a great day hunting for pumpkins that required a nap to recover from our adventures. Now to carve them next weekend :-)

Enjoying Pancakes

Waiting for the hay ride

Brooklyn liked the pancakes too

Before we got lost

Calling for help

Found my pumpkin!

Kyle having a turn

Mom in the pumpkin patch

Boot wash

Nice and Clean

Saturday, October 15, 2011

KidsQuest Children's Museum

I didn't have plans today to go to KidsQuest Children's Museum but that is where I ended up today for about an hour to see my Mom and play with Brooklyn. This museum is pretty cool for the size. They have a water area, where Brooklyn had fun getting us wet. They also have a semi truck cab that you can go in and drive. Brooklyn drove me to my parent's house and then she said she was going to take Aunt Cin to the park :-) She was also very entertained by the air thing. You stuck a scarf in and it got pushed by air through the tubes and then shot out. I thought the coolest thing was the two turtles that were huge. One day our little Timmie will be that big :-( Overall, it was a fun day. Now to rest up for the pumpkin patch tomorrow!!
Tim will look like this one day!

Playing with the Scarves

Driving me to my parent's house.

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Addiction

Yesterday in class Liz introduced me to Pinterest. OMG!!! I'm addicted to it. It is this amazing website where you can pin pictures of ideas for almost everything. While you are browsing you can pin something to your board or you can search the many pins that other people have done. I have gotten so many ideas for just about anything. I like this way better than doing my homework :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What a weekend

Oh lordy it has started again. School is off and going with a million things to do. I know that it will all get done but I'm just so ready to be done. Only 30 more weeks!!

 On top of me having class this weekend Justin was gone all weekend at a retreat for one of his classes. Lets just say he came home very tired.

This week is crazy for both of us with homework, classes for Justin, work for both and meetings. Can't wait for the weekend maybe a little relaxation for us but I doubt it. Plus we have the pumpkin patch outing with Miss this weekend :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Slap bracelets are back!!! My friend gave me one last night at work. She found it a Nordstrom and of course it is crimson and says Cougars on it. I love it and it totally took be back to first grade and my pink slap bracelet. I also love that I can slap people with it. My first victim was Justin. He then informed me that those bracelets kill people. So you better watch out you never know when I might slap you :-)
My cool bracelet from JoAnn! Thank you!!