Sunday, August 31, 2014

September Currently!

Can't believe that it is September! School starts on Tuesday and it has been crazy!! I'm linking up with Farley for this month Currently!!
Listening: We rented the newest Nicolas Cage movie from Redbox but I don't remember the name and I don't feel like looking it up :)

Loving: Love 3 day weekends! I was able to go into school for a day and still have two days at home.

Thinking: Today is my birthday and I will be enjoying my last year of my 20s. Not sure how I got here so quickly! Luckily Mr. J will turn 30 first ;-)

Wanting: Have some gift cards to use and would love a few new tops for school.

Needing: I would love a few more days to prep before my firsties show up!

3 Trips: Hopefully we will cross off Australia off our list next summer but I would love to travel to Tahiti and Germany too!!

Now to do a little more work for school!