Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord: Cali Edition

Look what happens when it is summer... I blog a little bit more! I'm linking Michelle from Fabulous in First for

 I have been in Cali since late Thursday night checking on my Great Uncle with my Mom. Mr. J happened to be in town on business so he spent Friday and Saturday with us. We dropped him off at the airport this morning. So here are some random pics from the weekend!

Mr. J and I did some beer tasting on Saturday

We then went to Mahattan Beach for lunch. After lunch we grabbed some ice cream and this was the display case there. I wanted to try it all.

Had to stick my toes in the water!
It's a tradition to take our picture out front of the house and now Mr. J has his picture taken out front too.
My Mom had to cook fish tonight. She was not a fan :)

We ran to grab a few things for my uncle and I found myself a new sleeping mask except I picked a different color.

Have you entered the June Mystery box yet? You should totally enter! Such a great giveaway from fabulous bloggers!

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Five for Friday-Summer

This week has be crazy busy! So I'm linking up for the

On Sunday, we attended Mr. J's graduation and celebrated Father's day. Mr. J and I both now have cool hoods to wear.

I did my nails for the last week of school because I new my students would love my Jamberry wraps!

Wednesday was the last day with my students and Thursday was my last work day for the school year. Year 5 is done and I was sad to say goodbye to my firsties but I am excited for summer.

As soon as I was done in my classroom on Thursday my Mom and I hopped a flight to California to visit/check on my Great Uncle. We will be here for about a week or so to help him out. When we landed the rental car place told us to pick out a car... so many choices! We did finally get one.

This morning we went and picked up Mr. J who has been in California all week for business but decided to stay through the week to hangout with his lovely wife ;-)

Now we are watching the Lego movie. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Currently!

I can't believe that it is June!! I'm linking up with Farley from

for the June Currently!

Listening: Catching up on the DVR right now.
Loving: The weather is finally starting to get nice. Waiting for the clouds to burn off so Stout and I can sit outside.
Thinking: We only have 13 days left so crazy!
Wanting: Can't think of anything I want right now.
Needing: I have a good start on report cards but I would like to finish them.
Summer Bucket List:  We have a annual trip to the Oregon coast planned for the end of the month. This year we are going to Boston in late July. We will celebrate our first anniversary while we are there. Also on my bucket list is to enjoy sitting on the back deck with my boys!

Now to work on some report cards and survive the last 13 days :)