Thursday, September 29, 2011

Silly String Kind of Weekend

We spent the weekend in Battle Ground for Justin's nephew's 4th birthday. It was lots of fun!! There was even a silly string fight that I found myself in the middle of even though I was just taking pictures. Neil and Justin had a chance to go on a ride while we got ready for the party. We also managed to hit up Laurelwood brewery and discuss our Halloween costumes. Can't wait for Halloween weekend :-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grad Students

I just realized that starting tomorrow there will be two yes count them two full time grad students living in this apt. Yikes!! I'm wondering how anything will ever get done around the house. Maybe we should hire a maid :-) Luckily for me I still have two weeks before my classes start. I guess I will be the maid then for the next two weeks. But poor Justin starts tomorrow. Here is to not seeing each other due to class/work schedules. Is it June yet?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So... I totally suck at blogging. This is not the first time that I have said this. But I think this is the biggest gap I have had yet.

So...Recaping from April. School year ended well for both grad school and the classroom. I ended up getting really sick the last few days of school. I ended up at Kinder graduation with an ear infection, pink eye and no vioce. But I made it through and picked up my friend from the airport for the weekend. We played tourist in Seattle and went to so many places! I also went to Brittany Spears with my cousins so much fun :-) Justin and I had a night getaway to Leavenworth.

Summer was not so jammed packed like last year. From all of the medicine I was on for being sick. I broke out in a rash on the 4th of July. But by the next weekend I was ready to celebrate Justin's B-day in Newport, OR. We had so much fun staying at Rouge's B&B (Bed and Beer).

Grad School for the summer started that Monday and that was my life for the next 4 weeks. I did manage to squeeze in some fun by doing the Warrior Dash with Justin!

The past month had been relaxing. Hanging out, a trip to Chelan, boating, baseball games, preseason football games and just having fun. I also donated 10 inches of my hair. My birthday was relaxing. Now it is working two jobs and enjoying the next couple weeks off before grad school starts again.  Plus all the fun activities we have planned in October.

Averill and I at the Space Needle

The gang in Newport

Warrior Dash

Boating in Chelan

My B-day