Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Currently

Can't believe it is May! And I know I haven't been on here in awhile! I promise to post another one this week about what we have been up to! But for now I'm linking up with the lovely Farley for the May Currently!!

Listening: We came in from sitting in the sun to cool off for a few minutes. So Mr. J is flipping between the basketball game and racing.

Loving: The sunshine it is a hot 80 today and that is amazing for the Pacific Northwest this time of year!! We are enjoying the kiddie pool with Stout and some margaritas for Cinco de Mayo!

Thinking: Finally started reading about the Kennewick study and now I'm thinking about how can I extend my reading time for next year!
Wanting: We have been doing more wedding stuff this weekend but I still would like to get more done!
Needing: What can I say I still have papers to grade from last week. Story of my life!
Summer Bucket List: Summer is busy and fun this year!! I have three showers even before summer offically starts. Then we are off to Vegas for Mr. J's work conference and my sunbathing trip! Then it will be bachelorette party and then getting married. I would like to also squeeze in a few lazy days at home. But I just realized that I forgot our annual trip to the oregon coast for Mr. J's b-day. Summer won't be lazy this year!

Now to go back outside!! Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Congratulations on getting married! You are going to have a busy summer but like you said hopefully you will get some lazy days in between! Thanks for stopping by my blog! We are thinking about going to Germany, Italy, Paris, and Swiss Alps!

    The Bilingual Teacher

  2. Hi Erika,

    I noticed on a different blog that you link your blog after your name on your comments. How do you do that? I am very new to blogging and am trying to figure things out! :)


  3. 1. Yay for blogging linky parties. I love coming across other teachers that are going through some of the same things.
    2. Holy macaroni! You're getting married?! Congratulations! So exciting. You will definitiely have a busy summer. But that's one reason being a teacher is awesome right? Not that we really have summers "off". ;)
    3. Thanks for the love on my own blog. And crossing your fingers for my job search. Keep reading and I'll keep everyone updated on the process.
    4. Where did you do the color run?! I did it last year with my best friend in Indianapolis. Best. Decision. Ever.

    Thanks again,
    Miss Wilson