Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cheers to 30

Two vacations down and one more to go! With Mr. J's birthday and then leaving for the coast I never got to blog about his actual birthday. And then when we got back from our beach trip we had a day at home before we left for Montana. So today I'm going to recap Mr.J's bday and our trip to the beach since we go there to celebrate his birthday.

 On Mr.J's birthday I decorated the house, picked up a special cake and then waited for him to come home. We then headed to dinner with my parents to continue the celebration. We ended the night by eating cake and enjoying some beer.

The next day I picked Mr. J up from work and we headed to his parents' house. That way we would be halfway to the beach the next morning. Friday we headed down to Newport, OR. This was our 5th year going to Newport to stay at Rogue's B&B. We always have a blast spending the weekend at the beach drinking beers :)

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