Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Recap

So I was looking back at my posts for the year and I realized that I never recapped our week in Hawaii or our wedding. With our wedding anniversary fast approaching I thought now would be the perfect time to recap. Better late than never :) Be warned lots of pictures in all of the posts!

 We flew into Hawaii with 12 of us on a flight together the Saturday before the wedding. Our two other friends flew out of Portland and landed shortly after us!

Waiting to board the plane and yes I carried my dress on.

It took us a long time to get our car but then we were on our way! We enjoyed dinner with my family at the Kona Brewery Co. and then we had drinks with our friends at the Hotel.

Waiting for the car

The view from our hotel room at the Royal Kona Resort

The bar at the hotel had the best views for watching the sun set!

We spent the weekend snorkeling and hanging out with family and friends.
Breakfast the first morning with Katie and Neil. The coffee was huge

On Monday we awoke to many messages from Mr. J’s family. Their flights had been canceled due to the tropical storm Flossy. We spent the day at the pool waiting to hear if his family would make another flight. They were put on standby for a 6pm flight and if they didn’t make that one they wouldn’t get into Hawaii until 9pm Thursday. That is what time our wedding ended on Thursday. By the some miracle all 6 of them were able to get on that 6pm flight. And our other groomsmen that was with them got a flight out 2 days later.
Mr. J was ready to ride out the storm

The waves were so crazy during the storm and it started to rain. Staying at the pool was the best option ;-)

 Tuesday was another relaxing day with time at the pool and lunch in town at Bubba Gump. When you are on an island with 30 of your closes friends and family you might run into them. We saw my maid of honor with her parents at lunch. We also had an amazing view of our hotel during lunch! Later in the day we went to Mr. J’s parents place. We also met with our fantastic photographers!

Our hotel

Drinks with our photographers

Wednesday we went snorkeling in the morning with our family and friends. Then it was time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.

We saw turtles while we snorkled

Isn't my cousin's little boy a cutie :)

 Wow that was a lot and I still have more! I will be back later with a recap of the rehearsal dinner and then on to the wedding day!

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