Thursday, July 31, 2014

1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

Our 1st Anniversary is tomorrow and I have spent the past few weeks looking for ideas for Mr. J. The first year traditional is paper and modern is a clock. Well we both agreed that we didn't need two more clocks in the house. Or I guess you could go with a watch but Mr. J already has one and I don't tend to wear one. So we went with paper. I saw many ideas on Pinterst for  sentimental gifts but I know that is not what my husband would appreciate so I had to get creative. Other ideas could be tickets to a concert or airline tickets. We will be on vacation for our anniversary but are still exchanging gifts. These are some of the items I found all on Etsy from very talented people. I wouldn't mind getting of these :)


I got Mr. J 2 and 4. I thought the toilet paper was funny and I know he will think it is funny too. And I know he will love the painting of the dirt bike rider.

Have a great day!

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