Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

Well Hello! We had a very busy festive weekend! Friday I raced home from school to change quickly and make it to Mr. J's Christmas party. We had a fun time especially in the photo booth.

 Saturday we spent the morning at home catching up some tv shows. Our new tree skirt came so I moved the wrapped presents and put it around the tree. We then headed into Seattle to go Ride the Duck. During Christmas they do tours of the Christmas Lights in town and we scored an amazing deal. We also went to Pike Place Market and to the WSU Connections store. We ended the night with dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery and then cuddles on the couch with Stout.

Santa Butch was in town. I told him I want a bowl game win!

Now to get ready for the week. Only 4 more days until New Mexico!!

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