Tuesday, December 31, 2013

13 in 13 Linky

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I thought 2012 was pretty amazing but 2013 was even more an amazing year!! So I thought I would share the highlights of such an amazing year.

13.  Surprise Party
In March we went to Portland for our friend's surprise party.

12.Baby Shower
 In April I hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law. It was so much planning it all.

11. Eric Carle
 I got to hear Eric Carle speak and meet him!

10. Lance
In May our third nephew was born. That's right my sister-in-law has 3 boys :-) I love being an Aunt to them!

9. Wedding Showers

In June there was two wedding showers. The first was a couples shower at Mr.J's parents' house and the second was a coug and cocktail themed one at my parents' house.

8. Puppies
My parents got puppies in June. Now Stout has buddies to play with and they are way bigger than him now :)

7. Vegas

 We went to Vegas once school got out. Mr. J had a conference and I laid at the pool!

6. Newport

 We went to Newport for our 3rd annual birthday weekend for Mr. J.

5.Bachelorette Party

These amazing ladies helped me celebrate my last night as a single lady in July!

4. Job
After many interviews I know I have a job for many years :) This is the amazing primary team!

 Late July we flew to Hawaii. This is one of my favorite pics and how many times do you get to go on vacation with 36 of your closest friends and family :-)

2. Wedding
When we were in Hawaii I got to marry my best friend! This is just one of the thousands of amazing pics we have!

1. Bowl Game
We took a last minute vacation in December to cheer on our cougs in the Gildan Bowl game.

These were just the big highlights of the year. We had fun being with our friends and family, celebrating big milestones, working on our house and spending time together. 2013 has been good to us. I predict that 2014 will be a little quieter but it will still be fun :-) Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Years! I'm sure 2014 will be as amazing as 2013.