Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Week Before Break

I never got around to blogging about the last week before break! I know everyone knows that it was a crazy week with the full moon and the excitement of Christmas! I also took that Friday off before break to travel to New Mexico but it ended up being a snow day for everyone. Luckily we had already had our class party and had sent home our parent gifts. Here are pics from that week!

These were our parent gifts inspired by Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera

I love this one!

My teammate gifted my class an elf on the shelf. Her elf needed a girlfriend :) This is how our elf announced her name

This was a cute gift from a student. He used his thumb to make the reindeer

We study gingerbread stories in December so our class party was gingerbread themed. This was one of the stations, gingerbread play dough.

Our door we decorated for winter.

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