Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Currently!

I can't believe that it is June!! I'm linking up with Farley from

for the June Currently!

Listening: Catching up on the DVR right now.
Loving: The weather is finally starting to get nice. Waiting for the clouds to burn off so Stout and I can sit outside.
Thinking: We only have 13 days left so crazy!
Wanting: Can't think of anything I want right now.
Needing: I have a good start on report cards but I would like to finish them.
Summer Bucket List:  We have a annual trip to the Oregon coast planned for the end of the month. This year we are going to Boston in late July. We will celebrate our first anniversary while we are there. Also on my bucket list is to enjoy sitting on the back deck with my boys!

Now to work on some report cards and survive the last 13 days :)


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  2. I can't believe you're still in school! 13 days left is more than two weeks of school! Good luck with finishing report cards! I know it is tough.

    My husband and I are also celebrating our first anniversary this summer, and we are also heading to Boston! How funny! I've never been but my husband's family is from there. I hope you have a great anniversary and trip!

    - Abbey from Tipton's Tales

  3. Sorry- I had to change my first comment!
    I am also catching up on my DVR shows! Summer is a great time to do that since nothing good is on in the summer. Glad summer weather is appearing in Washington. Here in the south (Alabama) it gets to be about 108 in the summer and feels like 215!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

  4. Aw 13 days including weekends or no? ;) I am done June 25th.. still LOTS to do but thanks for reminding me that I WILL sometime have to do report cards ;) Your trips sound fun.. and the fact that you don't want anything, that is so wonderful! I feel like in this world we all want, want, want, and I need to remember to appreciate what I already have :)

    Laura Love to Teach