Friday, September 13, 2013

It's Friday so a 5 for Friday!!

It is finally Friday!!!! This week was so long! Not because of my firsties but because Mr. J was out of town all week. Yes we only have a dog but Mr. J has totally been doing everything around the house since school has started. So I totally missed him this week and so did Stout. I'm linking up for a 5 for Friday again. And this week I'm posting on Friday! I'm forcing myself to post before passing out :)

1. Our TV died last week. So Mr. J went and bought this beast. It is huge!!

2. We have been using our clip chart that I made. The kids are totally loving it and one firstie made it to Outstanding today!! I will be posting it as a freebie on my tpt soon.
3. My Really Good Stuff order came yesterday!! I love these tray they hold my construction paper. I want more. Unfortunately the other item I ordered in the wrong color so it is on its way back.
4. I found this little guy on my bathroom floor this week. Don't ask me how he got in  but I freaked out and of course Mr. J was gone! He was pretty cute once I got him outside. He even posed for this pic :)
This is how I have felt all week and have been living off of Diet Cokes to get me through the day. Shh don't tell Mr. J that someone got to be on the bed last night ;-) 

Have a great weekend!!

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