Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cougs and Cocktails

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Stout is totally confused on what day it is because Mr. J has been home since Thursday and doesn't go back to work until Tuesday. We have been busy doing little projects around the house and enjoying the sun!I'm starting to think about school and working on some stuff but for now I'm back to shower my other wedding shower I had at the end of June. My mom and bestie hosted a shower for me with the theme of cougs and cocktails! They did an amazing job!! I had a blast seeing friends and family plus the weather was amazing! I will let the pics explain the rest!

Okay so I helped make the invite. But Brooke added grey paper behind it and a cute pink bow.
Brooke's Aunt made the cake
I made this for my maids
We played a game where everyone guessed my age
My Bestie and maid of honor
My Mom and yes we have the same sandals
My fun sign
I got lots of lovely gifts these pics are of some of them. Cougar pjs, a cougar birdhouse and a Mrs. hanger for my wedding dress.   

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