Friday, May 31, 2013

Another 5 for Friday!!

I'm back for another addition of 

1. It's that time of year when we start wrapping up curriculum and need to get creative with lessons. Last week and this week we have been reviewing our sight words from the year. So I decided to tape a sight word on each kid and they had to figure out what was on their back by looking at their friends and writing it next to their friend's name. They loved it and can't wait to play it again next week!!

2.Received my invite for my Bachelorette party that my bestie made! Super cute!! Going to be a fun night :-)

3. Today on our ABC countdown was Mix Match day so I mix matched my shoes and so did my teammate.

4. We made our Father's Day gifts. Each student was given a tile and could decorate it with sharpies. I'm going to spray them and add felt on the back to make them into coasters. They turned our great!

5. Made a run to Costco on my way home today. The cart filled up quickly with large items and lots of fruit.

I have to leave you with one my pic of my cutie who was helping me garden tonight! 13 more school days then him and I can will hangout more together!!

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  1. Hi Erika I found you through Doodlebugs- newest follower. Hope you have a great time at your Bachelorette Day (we call it a Hen's Day in Australia... I have no clue why) & enjoy summer holidays!