Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year in Pictures: Day 360-365

Yikes! Today is the last day of 2012!! I'm not sure how we got here already. So Here are my pics from the last of the year. Hard to believe that I have been posting pics all year. Yes, I didn't do it everyday like planned but I did take lots of pics and posted way more than I have ever did before. I also discovered lots of wonderful blogs to follow!

This past weekend we had lots of of fun. Friday night my bestie and I went to the Chippendale show. It was crazy! Then Saturday all of my bridesmaids came into town to find dresses for them. It was a success and they are ordered! It was so nice for everyone to get together and all meet each other. We had a great time hanging out together and then Sunday we had tickets to the Seahawks game with our dear friends. What a blast! Now Stout and I are enjoying a relaxing day at home while Mr. J works. Then it will be a quiet night at home ringing in the New Year!

My New toy

Stout needed to see what I got in Seattle


My Bridesmaids

Go Seahawks

Resting so he can make it to midnight

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