Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Year in Pictures: Day 358 and 359

We are back from our whirlwind Christmas! Yesterday we had dinner at my parent's house. Then this morning we made the trek down to Mr. J's parents' house. We had a great time with both families and had lots of yummy food. Now it is on to watching tv and being lazy before our busy weekend!

Christmas Eve

Stout's gift from Santa 

I participated in the

Holly Bloggy ChristmasI had Liz from
Teaching in the Valley. Go checkout her blog. I was able to send Liz some of my favorite things.

v   This is the note I included:
Flair Pens- I use these for my school planner and my wedding planner. The different colors help me stay organized!
v  Stickers- Can never have enough stickers to put on my students papers or to bribe them to finish their paper J
v  Scentos- Discovered these last week and had to share my students love them!! I use them in centers.
v  Post-its- This was another discovery I made. I love that the whole back is sticky. So they don’t fall off.
v  Hand Sanitizer- Like stickers you always need hand sanitizer.
v  Dog Treats- I couldn’t leave your pup out of the exchange. My pup loves these dog cookies from Petco.
v  Festive Cup- I love having festive cups to encourage me to drink more water.

I also received a wonderful package from  Lisa over at Growing Firsties. I still need to get a pic of what she sent me but if you head over to her blog you can see what she got me :-)


  1. Hi Erika! I'm glad you liked your gifts! :-)
    Funny little circle - Liz from Teaching in the Valley sent her gift to me. :-)
    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  2. I loved my gifts from you!!! Thank you sooooo much! But funny story - totally thought the dog treats were cookies and I ate one! Oops!!
    Teaching in the Valley