Friday, November 9, 2012

A Year in Pictures: Day 309 to 313

I have no idea where the week went! We had a busy week at home and school. At school my students had to complete their DRAs for me that way I could do progress reports for conferences next week. We also learned about Veteran's Day. I got my Veteran's Day packet from the Wonderful Gladys over at Teaching in High Heels. You should got check it out. At home we had in house training for Stout this week, cleaning and approving our wedding invites! Glad it is the weekend but once again it is packed!

Day 309 I feel like it is too early for red cups

Day 310: The boys playing video games

Day 311: A gift from one of my students

Day 312: The cute cards my students made

Day 313: This is how my day started :-(

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