Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Year in Pictures: Day 285 and 286

Last night was movie night and just relaxing after a busy week. Which meant going to bed super early and sleeping in. Today was a busy day of errands but fun because I got to have lunch with Miss. She gave me the best engagement card! Plus she always has me laughing :-) Now to gather everything for tomorrow. But before I let you go here is a funny story I forgot to share from Thursday.

Student: Miss N I'm bleeding
Me: (Looking at his hands that are covered in red ink from stamping his sight words.) It's just the ink from the stamp pad.
Student: But when I touch the table it comes off.
Me: Trying washing your hands and we will see if you are still bleeding.
That solved the problem but he was very concerned and serious when telling me :-)

Alright time to iron. Wish me Luck!!

Day 285

Day 286: Stout's new bone

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