Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our House Story

We are ready to make it official to everyone (no we are not getting marry) we have a house!! I know many of you have known about our house hunt but I didn't want to tell the world yet that we finally got a house until we had the keys!! I have heard some great stories from other people about their house search and I wanted to make sure to write type ours down.

We first went out in August to look what our price range would buy us. We then made a plan to look for houses starting in late October/Early November. We did lots of searching online and our realtor sent us listings too. We found a house online that we liked and added it to our list to look at Veteran's Day weekend. We looked at five houses that day and decided to offer on the one we had found online. We absolutely loved it and it just needed a good cleaning and minor stuff. Couldn't believe that it had been that easy to find a house that we liked. Well the house was set to go to auction at the end of the month but once an offer goes in they stop auction. Well I guess the bank didn't get that memo and decided to sell the house at auction. So we were left with hunting for a house again. We went out again found another one that had a huge yard and no appliances. So the bank decided they didn't want to have to put an appliance in for us so they wouldn't accept our kind of loan. So we decided to offer on a house on a golf course. Well it took forever to hear back from the owners and we didn't have a good feeling about it. So we decided to go look one more time at this split level we had already looked at. We decided to rescind the offer on the golf course house and put it on the split level. We heard back pretty fast that the bank had accepted the offer and that we could move onto the inspection. We had a inspection on Jan. 7 and only little things were found. A very good thing!! Papers were signed on Tuesday and now we have the keys!! Here is to moving and the endless list of things to do around the house :-)
More pics to come once we go over to the house on Sunday. Due to the snow last week the people couldn't get the rest of their stuff out so they have until Saturday to do so. 

The day of inspection

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