Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tim the Turtle

For those who do not know Tim or haven't heard me talking about him. He is our turtle that we brought home almost 2years ago. We picked him up on a trip to the pet store for a gift for my dog Cody. We got the gift and came home with a turtle too. Well tonight we were cleaning out his tank and I put him in his box. I then documented his attempted escape from the box, while Justin cleaned out his tank (I clean the little stuff like the filter but the tank in too heavy for me to clean). Here are some pics of his "attempted escape"...

Looking to seeing if I can escape
This is what happens when I'm trying to escape and Mom startles me.
This is Mom scolding me for trying to escape
I said see you later!
I will credit Timmie with escaping later after I put him back in the box, but it was when Dad was watching him!

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