Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Slap bracelets are back!!! My friend gave me one last night at work. She found it a Nordstrom and of course it is crimson and says Cougars on it. I love it and it totally took be back to first grade and my pink slap bracelet. I also love that I can slap people with it. My first victim was Justin. He then informed me that those bracelets kill people. So you better watch out you never know when I might slap you :-)
My cool bracelet from JoAnn! Thank you!!


  1. You know, the bracelets are not made of metal anymore (like they were back in the day) so they may not cause the fatalities that Justin is thinking :-)

  2. I tried telling him that. But I really think he didn't like that I wanted to slap him :)