Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Hunt

Today we set out on our pumpkin hunt. It was a big party that went with us my Mom, Aunt Deb, Uncle Don, Brooklyn, Melissa and her Hubby (aka Kyle) we had to leave the injured Dad at home. He was very sad to be left alone ;-) We went to Camp Korey to hunt for our pumpkins but first we had to eat some delicious pumpkin pancakes that they were serving. We then needed to take a hay ride to become familiar with the place. Brooklyn loved this the best. We also stopped and petted some cute animals. We then went in the corn maze to find the fire pit that way we could roast our marshmallows. After the marshmallows we got "lost" and had to pull out our phones for help. It was very scary time. We finally made it out to look for our pumpkins. We all found some and then had to weigh them. They sure were heavy and the boys had to push them in the wheelbarrow for us. Before we could leave Melissa and I need to wash a boot in the boot wash. I'm starting think that it was just a huge muddle puddle but it worked. We had a great day hunting for pumpkins that required a nap to recover from our adventures. Now to carve them next weekend :-)

Enjoying Pancakes

Waiting for the hay ride

Brooklyn liked the pancakes too

Before we got lost

Calling for help

Found my pumpkin!

Kyle having a turn

Mom in the pumpkin patch

Boot wash

Nice and Clean