Saturday, October 15, 2011

KidsQuest Children's Museum

I didn't have plans today to go to KidsQuest Children's Museum but that is where I ended up today for about an hour to see my Mom and play with Brooklyn. This museum is pretty cool for the size. They have a water area, where Brooklyn had fun getting us wet. They also have a semi truck cab that you can go in and drive. Brooklyn drove me to my parent's house and then she said she was going to take Aunt Cin to the park :-) She was also very entertained by the air thing. You stuck a scarf in and it got pushed by air through the tubes and then shot out. I thought the coolest thing was the two turtles that were huge. One day our little Timmie will be that big :-( Overall, it was a fun day. Now to rest up for the pumpkin patch tomorrow!!
Tim will look like this one day!

Playing with the Scarves

Driving me to my parent's house.

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