Friday, January 25, 2013

5 for Friday

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It was another busy week even if it was only 4 days!

1. We were working on Long A this week and I found this cute poem on Pinterest.
Here is the original post Tied of with Sting

2. We are currently working on Character Traits and I found a bunch of ideas from Pinterest. I took pieces of what I found and made it work for my firsties.

This one I saw on Fabulous Fourth Grade but added a definition to mine.

I saw something similar on pinterest and changed it for us.

We also listed character traits for Froggy :-)
3. Today we met in our grade levels to discuss our low readers. It was nice to look at their progress and discuss them.

4. I brought home lots of work to do and I probably should work some more on report cards.

5. We sent our wedding invites out last weekend and have heard from people that they received them and love them!

Well time to work on the stuff I brought home :-)

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