Monday, December 5, 2011


So I have been finding tons of blogs with amazing ideas!! I found this one blog through Pinterest. The lovely lady on this website had made her own chalkboard out of an old picture frame and chalk paint. She has used it for many different things but right now you can see it on her blog while she keeps track of her pregnancy. Well I was inspired to make my own chalkboard. I took pictures along the way of making it. Now to just find a place to hang it. I think I'm running out of walls in our apt.

I got my frame from Arron Brothers. They always have coupons :)

The chalk paint recommended at least 2 coats. This was after two coats. I ended up doing 4.

This is after 4 coats. You have to wait an hour in between coats.

After it dries for 24hrs you are to condition the board by rubbing chalk all over it. I actually waited about 36hrs.

Here it is all done and back in the frame. I chose to buy slate grey since I wanted a black frame to give some contrast. They also have lots of other colors besides black.

Testing it out. Now to buy some chalk pens :)

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