Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break!!

Spring break started with grad school and working but ended with so much fun. Thursday night I got to have dinner with my cousin and her family. It was so good to finally see Eric after everything that happened this summer. It was so fun seeing how big Brooklyn and Hilton have gotten. It was also my cousin's birthday she turned the dirty thirty. Which she said she didn't know what was dirty about it. I can't believe she is 30! I remember talking together when I was in high school about how old we would all be when Nick graduated high school. Now we are all past that!!!

Friday I spent the day with my mom getting a pedicure and doing some errands. Then we had the whole family over for a bbq at my place. It was fun to play with the kids and spend time together.

Saturday was a fun filled day with Katie and Julia. It was so much fun to get our hair and makeup done and then have pics taken. I can't wait to see them. Now back to work!

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