Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beer and Bikes

Justin's friends came into town for the weekend. It is always nice hanging out with them. We were able to go to the the Hop Scotch Festival in Seattle and to Supercross. I took everyone on their first bus experience in a long time. Always interesting when you ride the bus in Seattle. Between the guy falling out of his sleep and another busting out a 40oz. beer. Let's just say it was a memorable ride.

We had lots of fun at the Hop Scotch Festival tasting lots of different beer. Would of been nice if we had more time to enjoy all of the beer but we had to get back for Supercross. It was nice to be able to watch supercross in person and get to see everything. Only wish it hadn't been so cold and that Ryan would have been racing. I guess there is always next year to dye our hair green:)

We had such a blast Saturday hanging out with friends. It would have been nice to not come home to an apartment that had been robbed. But at least everyone is okay!!

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