Sunday, April 18, 2010

BBQ, Bikes, Oh My!

We spent the weekend in Battle Ground for Justin's Mom's Birthday and to go look at a couple of motorcycles. Saturday morning we had the opportunity to go watch Justin's nephew play t-ball. It was very fun to watch a bunch of 6 year olds attempt to play baseball. Justin's nephew got to be the pitcher and had fun dancing around the Field.

After the game we headed to Oregon to go look at bikes. The first bike was okay so we continued to our second destination. There Justin bought the bike. The only thing about the bike it doesn't have the passenger seat already. I guess I will be waiting a few more months until Justin gets a seat for me.

After buying the bike we spent the evening having a BBQ for Justin's Mom. I got to see his one grandparents again and meet his other grandma. We had a good time hanging out with his family and playing with his nephews. Sunday Justin got a new phone and then we headed home with me following in the car. Now hopefully this bike will stay safe:)

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