Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beer Bunnies

So for Easter I made Mr. J some Beer Bunnies. I saw this on another blog Kindergarten Smiles  the teacher had received a gift of diet coke bunnies from a student. I liked it but wanted to make it for Mr. J. So I got his favorite beer and got out the hot glue gun.

6-pack of beer

I know hard to see but I used white pipe cleaners, googlie eyes and pink pom-poms

I first glued all of the eyes on
I then added the pink pom-poms
 I cute up a pipe cleaners for the whiskers and attached them.
I used one pipe cleaner to make a set of ears. I cute the pipe cleaner in half and then twisted the bottom together to make it look like ears.
I glued the ears to the back of the cap.
Here is a pic with both ears attached.
Here they are all done.
Here they are with a little grass.

Now to put them in the fridge to enjoy later :-)

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