Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Rewind

So I guess I'm really bad about keeping up with my blog during the summer:( So lets just do a summer rewind to recap everything that happened...

We made a trip down to Bend, Or. for Justin's cousin's wedding. We had lots of fun eating lunch at a brewery. Plus us girls went shopping!!! The following weekend we were back down for Justin's nephews' baptism and dinner with Katie and Neil. What can I say we like to drive down to Battle Ground a lot. In between the weekends we were both working and trying to keep up on the apt.
During this time too by cousin's husband was in a horrible accident and spent 20 days in Harborview. It was very scary but luckily he is home now resting and on the long road to recovery. The only positive of this was I got to see my cousin more than usual and her adorable daughter Brooklyn.
Summer school ended the first Friday of August and that was the kickoff to my vacation. With our friends wedding that was so gorgeous and so much fun. I then went to Vegas with my mom and best friend to celebrate my 25Th birthday early. It was nice to lay at the pool, see an old friend and go and see the Thunder from Down Under(Got pulled up on stage) Plus I got my picture with a lion cub!!

Came back from Vegas to working at the cougar store and hoping for a job. Just when it looked like I would be subbing bam a job as a kindergarten teacher. So I have hit the ground running wondering if I really even took time off this summer with everything we did. It was a fun summer but very busy. Hoping next summer involves a little less travel.
To end our summer we headed back down to Battle Ground for Whit and Lips wedding reception and for Justin to take his last CPA exam:)

The first week of school has now come and gone and we are off to a good start. I could of not gotten by art room I mean classroom together without Justin and my Mom. I love my kids and the parents are great. The first day the kids came was also my birthday. I had so many birthday wishes from family and friends. That I feel really loved. Plus my brother surprised me with his gift and Justin got me what I asked for a penguin (OK it's a necklace shaped like a penguin but I love it!!)
From now on I'm hoping to be better with blogging that way I don't have so much to write about. Next up...Battle Ground, Pullman, apartment shopping and the start of grad school. Maybe one day we won't be so busy. HAHA probably not:)
I <3 my life!!!

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